Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Calling London... London's calling...

London Airport look. Love the way Marc Jacobs describes and defines each and every garment from his collection.

Where I wanted to say Gaga was wearing his Fall 2009 cape jacket, he'd add "Pool Double-faced Wool Pique Fitted Cape Jacket". Yeap, that's him. One of the only two MJs I have ever loved.

Love the sunglasses that completed the look on the runway. Also worn by Gaga on the V Magazine cover together with Marc's Fall 2009 Hot Pink Shetland Wool Hooded Coat with Full Skirt.

My favourite jackets from Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 collection I'd buy even withough seeing them, just right after hearing their "names and surnames". Please meet Aqua Bonded Filigree Lame Velvet Fitted Long Sleeve Peplum Jacket (now you understand me, don't you?).

And her bigger sister: Aqua/Silver Iridescent Moiré Faille Blouson Jacket.

For those who wanted to see Gaga's Marc Jacobs thigh high boots more in detail...

... here you go.

Don't have to add I desperately want a pair of these fierce wonders, do I?

Photos vía: Gagadaily, Vogue, Coutorture, MarcJacobs

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