Friday, September 11, 2009

Lady Gaga in Vogue UK

Vogue goes Gaga. In UK she striked poses for Josh Olins. In Japan (next post) Gaga was photographed by Nobuyshi Araki (yes, you heard well Araki tied up our girl! So check back in a while to see what she had on.)

All the pieces she wore for this photoshoot are from Fall 2009 collections.



Alexander McQueen (you'll remember her wearing the black knit dress from the same collection). 

Photos vía: Gagadaily, Style, Vogue, Lady Gaga Argentina


  1. Lady gaga does not have a good sense of fashion, or at least that is what they say at the fashion police of E!. it is funny because I remember I was last year in this cute hotel in paraguay and I saw a lady wearing the same outfit that gaga. It seems that being famous makes you an icon in every aspect!

  2. so lovely and sexy dresses. great.