Friday, September 11, 2009

Lady Gaga in LaQuan Smith leggings

Adrian asked me about the black leggings Gaga wore during the Much Music Awards. 

Not the only one who love them, Adrian! The cut-out wonders are from LaQuan Smith's label LaQueue.

Want ones? Nothing is impossible. Available by request. Contact LaQuan for further details.

The boots Gaga's wearing above were made for her MMA performance by Pink Cobra, the in-house brand of Carte Blanche.

Photos vía: Gagadaily,, Nitrolicious, Myspace


  1. I think I saw those boots at the mall at Ceasers in Las Vegas, which I'll be at to see Lady Gaga if I win this contest!

    Weird that a Poker Book Company is giving away a trip to See Gaga in Vegas, but f*ck it, it's Vegas!!

  2. love those gold boots


  3. those shoes are so cool. not sure if i could walk in them tho!!


  4. She is hot:) But Lady Gaga was totaly diffrent when she become famous.

  5. I love her daring style! Those leggings are fierce! You guys make sure to check out . It pulls all different websites that are discussing the Mother Monster herself and puts it all into this one site. It's pretty cool!