Friday, September 4, 2009

Lady Gaga & Craig Lawrence on MTV Playground

As soon as I saw the first picture from MTV Playground, I became obsessed with the top she wore. If you didn't see Craig Lawrence interview with Lady Gaga yet, here you go:

Awesome. Memorable. Still think about how would I call it. How would you?

You can imagine I immediately wanted to know who designed the piece. First I thought about Jeremy Scott...

I even contacted Craig (when it comes to you Craig, I always think about the same thing: Tilda Swinton for Another Magazine editorial photographed by Craig McDean and for me her best editorial ever)...

... but I found out it was not one of his designs. So I tried to "dig deeper". Jeremy Scott has been using the flexi discs (definitely have to find out how Jeremy calls them) quite often. Spring 2001, Fall 2003, Fall 2007...

Anyway... Can be Jeremy Scott. Could be Haus of Gaga. Could be... Not sure. But for me is one of Gaga's top 10 outfits ever. And can't wait to see her VMA's look/s.

Talk to you soon.

If you want to know more about Craig Lawrence, visit his new Château de gâteau blog. (Thanks to Fred Butler for the tip!)

Photos vía: Chateaudegateau, Style, Elle, Vogue, Dianepernet

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